Milwaukee dentist outlines the problem with CPAP

CPAP Alternatives, Milwaukee Sleep DentistIf you are struggling with sleep apnea, you know that it is a serious problem. Sleep apnea plagues thousands of Americans, robbing them of their rest and the vital oxygen their bodies need at night. Each time that you stop breathing due to your sleep disorder, you are endangering your health.

Not only does sleep apnea make it almost impossible to fall into a deep, restful sleep, it?can have a negative impact on your health. One of the most common solutions is the CPAP device. However, this can be a problem as well, making you search for CPAP alternatives to finally get the rest you deserve.

What wrong with CPAP?

While the CPAP device is effective as a sleep apnea treatment, you may not be overly thrilled. Being attached to a machine and wearing a mask on your face is not exactly a bed of roses. The mask can be uncomfortable and restrictive. You’re married to it and can’t have as much freedom of movement. CPAP is also noisy. If you have a partner, you might find yourself sleeping alone. Because of these issues, many people give up on the CPAP. Fortunately, there are other CPAP alternatives.

A sleep or snoring device could be the answer

If you are looking for a CPAP alternative, you’ll be happy to know that a snoring mouthguard can be used to treat sleep apnea. Also known as a sleep orthotic, this device works by keeping your jaw in proper aligment so your airway stays open while you sleep. Other CAPA alternatives include nasal strips, or special pillows that support your head and neck.

Learn more about CPAP alternatives

You don’t have to accept the CPAP device as the bottom line, or give up on finding effective sleep apnea treatment. If you would like to learn more about CPAP alternatives and which ones might work for you, schedule a consultation with a dentist who specializes in sleep disorders. There are other ways to manage your sleep apnea.

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