3 things to consider if you have bad posture

poor posture, racine, kenosha, milwaukee, oak creek, wiIf you have a problem with slouching, whether you are sitting or standing, you could really be bringing yourself down-literally. Poor posture doesn’t only look bad. It’s bad for your health as well. Here are three things to consider about your posture. Chances are, you’ll want to straighten up.

1. Your posture can affect your energy levels

When you spend your time slumped over, it can slow everything down. Your breathing becomes more shallow, your circulation is strained, and even your digestive processes put on the brakes. Add all of these factors together and it’s hard to have much pep on a daily basis.

Try adjusting your stance. Whether you are sitting or standing, your back and shoulders should be straight. Hold your head high and chin up. It will improve your view and you’ll have a sense of vitality too.

2. Slouching can bring on a bad back

Get in the habit of having poor posture and it can take a toll on your back, resulting in chronic back pain. Your spine is the major support system in your body and is meant to be straight.

When you slump in unhealthy positions you not only strain your backbone, you’ll weaken your core as well. A healthy spine will help you to remain more active in life. Focus on sitting straight and standing tall to have a healthier back.

3. Your poor posture could affect your jaw?

Believe it or not, the position of your body can affect your jaw. When you slouch, you may hold your head differently. This can result in a misaligned bite. When your jaw does not fall into proper alignment, a TMJ disorder can be the result.

The temporomandibular joint, the hinge that connects both portions of the jaw, is meant to work smoothly for day to day activities. However, your poor posture could be putting pressure on this hinge, causing your jaw to become strained or inflamed.

TMJ can cause a host of problems, including pain in your jaw, a clicking noise when you eat or yawn, chronic headaches, and aches in your neck, shoulders, or back. Straighten out your posture and your jaw issues could be resolved. If not, it is time to see a TMJ specialist to get to the bottom of the problem.

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