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youth and adult braces racineDr. Westman’s practice in Racine offers orthodontic solutions for all ages. He is a specialist in youth and adult braces.

Will I have a mouthful of metal? Don’t worry, we’ve come a long way since then! It’s true some cases are best treated with brackets and wires, but brackets can be porcelain – and for patients who don’t want any brackets or wires at all, we can accommodate with a completely different solution that uses no brackets or wires at all. No more mouth full of braces.

Modern day orthodontics doesn’t involve time-consuming dental visits, 10 pounds of metal in your mouth, headgear and other unattractive devices. We can offer orthodontic solutions that are effective, fast and far less visible than the old style of traditional braces.

A smile with beautiful straight teeth is pleasing to the eye. But it’s much more than that. Straight teeth improve your bite and can avoid a host of problems. Misaligned teeth can cause bite problems leading to jaw pain, headaches and sleep problems.

Early detection and treatment can avoid or minimize many orthodontic concerns before they become a problem. The American Dental Association recommends an orthodontic exam by the age of seven, or earlier if problem is detected by the parents.


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Youth Braces

youth-adult-bracesAs parents, we all want the best for our children. We want them to succeed, to have the best life can offer. Part of succeeding in life is feeling confident. Being able to make a good first impression helps that confidence. A great smile goes a long way.

Dr. Westman’s office offer a number of options if your children need braces to achieve that great smile and correct bite problems to prevent future TMJ, headaches, etc.

How will I know if my child needs braces?

Dr. Westman in Racine can determine if your child needs orthodontic treatment. He will go through the options that are available and which type of braces are best for your child’s needs.

Does it make sense to wait until my child is a teenager and has stopped growing?

Isn’t seven years old awfully young? Read on..If you wait untll your child is older, a lot of damage could have occurred by then. By age 12, almost 90 per cent of facial growth has been completed. By that point, most problems can be difficult to correct without surgery. An option everyone wants to avoid if possible.

Dr. Westman will work with you to determine what suits your needs and budget.

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I am an adult…what are my options?

youth-adult-braces2I want to avoid a mouth full of braces and a long treatment time. What are my options?

Dr. Westman offers ‘invisible’ braces and conventional (porcelain and metal brackets and wires) braces for children and adults. Our patients choose orthodontics by Dr. Westman because they provide maximum comfort and the prevention or elimination of headaches and jaw discomfort.

I don’t want to wear braces! Is there another option?

We can also use Instant Orthodontics to give you a straight smile with even, properly aligned teeth in a matter of weeks. You’ll get the same result as traditional orthodontics, but in far less time and no braces or other appliances.

To do this, Dr. Westman places a natural looking, thin ceramic shell of material which has been color-matched to your own teeth, over the front surface of your tooth. They will look natural and be just as strong as your own natural teeth.

You won’t be able to see the difference and they will be just as strong as your own teeth.

How long does this procedure take? What does it involve?

Normally, this involves four procedures over a period of about a month. On your first visit, Dr. Westman will consult with you to determine the best course of action for you. If you want to proceed, a timetable will be set up.

On your second visit, Dr. Westman will make a mold of the teeth that he will cover with the veneers. The mold will be used to create the veneers. He will also need to lightly shave down your own teeth so that when the veneer is placed, this will accommodate the additional thickness. The mold is then sent to a dental lab.

About two weeks later, the veneers will be ready and can be bonded to your teeth. As it’s important to make sure the fit is exact, this can take several hours.

A follow-up appointment is then scheduled to clean up any remaining excess cement and fine tune the bite. The result…natural looking straight teeth and a great smile! No metal in your mouth, no headgear and an almost instant results.

I know I need braces, but I can’t afford them

Our Flexible Payment Plans will ensure you get the treatments you need. Dr. Westman can help you find alternative payment options.

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