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Posts From March, 2019

Is Your Lack of Sleep Killing You?

Getting started is easy. Read through the helpful resources on this website and get ready to smile again! Test Yourself For Sleep Disorders You may be unaware of the destruction that is happening when experiencing insufficient sleep. If you knew that your current Sleep Disorder symptoms will lead to future bigger issues, doesn’t it make […]

Undiagnosed Jaw Pain in Wisconsin

Do you have undiagnosed jaw pain? Does your jaw “click” or “pop” during meals or when you yawn? Do you suffer from jaw pain? neck pain? or frequent headaches? Do you find yourself clenching your teeth in stressful moments or grinding your teeth while sleeping? Imagine you’re sitting next to a new client during your introductory […]

Treating Jaw Pain in Kenosha

You may think you need to call your lawyer, but not in this case. If you find yourself experiencing jaw pain, or have a jaw that is locked open or closed, it may be time to call your dentist. You may be suffering from a disorder known as TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder). The temporomandibular joint […]

Relieve your painful TMJ symptoms at home in Milwaukee

Call us • Email us • Find us Dr. Michael Westman | Dentist Racine | 4944 Charles Street, Racine, WI 53402 | Phone: 262 639 7000 Dr. Michael Westman provides: general dentistry, cosmetic dental treatment options, dental implants, dentures, prevention & gum care, sedation options and orthodontics in Racine, Wisconsin. The information provided on this […]

Racine Wisconsin Dentist Talks About Sleep Apnea

What is Sleep Apnea? Sleep Apnea is a breathing related sleep disorder that affects many people. It’s defined as irregular breathing during sleep. Basically, if you have sleep apnea, you experience pauses in your breathing, which is not a normal or regular sleep behavior. Irregular pauses can happen many times within an hour, and, each […]

Racine dentist talks about jaw pain

If you are having problems with your teeth lining up when you bite, or if you are experiencing headaches, jaw pain, or aching shoulders, your jaw may be out of alignment. Your jaw, teeth and facial muscles work together to ensure a proper bite. If any of these do not work in unison the muscles […]

Oak Creek Dentist Addresses Lack Of Sleep

Get better sleep in Oak Creek Does it feel that no matter when you go to bed you’re always tired? Do you frequently have headaches when you awaken in the morning? Do you ever awake, with a start, in the middle of the night feeling like you have to catch your breath? Sleep apnea could be […]

Migraine & Headache Pain – Causes That Most People Don’t Know About

What is TMJ? Chronic sufferers searching for migraine & headache pain causes may not know that the solution to their pain may be with their dentist. TMJ migraine & headache pain is more common than you may think and can alter the quality of life for anyone suffering from them. TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint. […]

Milwaukee dentist explains how TMJ can cause face pain

Ongoing, undiagnosed pain can be downright debilitating. Face pain can be caused by a wide variety of health problems such as: infections ulcers abscess headache injuries toothache What is TMJ? TMJ refers to a disorder with your temporomandibular joint, your jaw joint. When your jaw isn’t working properly, either because of a jaw injury, an […]

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